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This is part 3 of my photowalk through Rotterdam. This is shot entirely on Kodak portra 160 film. Kodak portra 160 Mamiya RZ67 Mamiya Sekor Z 50mm 1:4.5 W

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I was in the vicinity of this great city during the first weekend of October. I was there to assist/ support a friend who competed in the Iron Man Barcelona Thriathlon, which was held in Calella. I didn’t have much … Continue reading

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Gare du Nord

Paris has a great train- and metro system. From this city you can travel to almost any destination imaginable. Gare du nord is part of the system and from here you can go to places like Amsterdam, Brussels or London. … Continue reading

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Enschede in snow.. From a few weeks ago, when Holland froze over.. Fuji C200 On first hand I didn’t expect much from this film, since it’s one of the cheapest films I’ve ever bought. But it looks okay. I like … Continue reading

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Ilford Fp4+ 125 Ilford Fp4+ 125 Agfa Rodinal R09 1+50 Mamiya 645 Mamiya- Sekor C 80mm F/1.9

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This set is also from the archives.. Kodak Ektar 100 (barely expired) Mamiya 645 Mamiya- Sekor C 80mm F/2.8 I hope to show new work soon. My own bicycle broke down, so I can’t pick up the freshly developed film..

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Barcelona Estació de França

Every big city needs to have a (big) train station Barcelona has a few. Estació de França is the second busiest station and if you ask me the most beautiful. It’s one of the few station that’s isn’t build underground, … Continue reading