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Important morning rituals Canon eos 50D Mamiya sekor c 80mm f/1.9 Kodak Tmax 400 Rodinal 1+50 Canon eos 1 Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM

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Gares de paris

This is the fifth and final Paris set. The post contains photos from several train and metro stations. Whenever I think of Paris, I don’t think of the eiffel tower or the mona lisa. I don’t think about the busy … Continue reading

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From the archives.. Shot on the same day as I shot this set. I didn’t have the time to develop this roll around the time I uploaded the last batch from Schiphol. That’s why this set is delayed. All images … Continue reading

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En route

Kodak Tmax 400 I can’t rememeber when I took this and I don’t know where I was going. But this was probably created out of pure boredom. Empty trains and long journeys can create somethingg good I guess Kodak Tmax … Continue reading

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Steam part 3

I didn’t plan on uploading another part, but I found some photos on a forgotten roll Tmax 400. It’s nothing special.. the frames look like they were made in a hurry. The exposure were bad, frames weren’t correctly aligned and … Continue reading

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Film, dust, grain and scratches

I collected quite a few “film, dust, grain and scratches” shots, but I never put them together. Luckily my website is perfect for putting things together and displaying those things as a whole. The subjects of this collection are really … Continue reading

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Station Hengelo

A few weeks ago I had to pick up some film and developer in Apeldoorn.Right after work I took the train from Enschede to Apeldoorn. Picked up some Porta 160NC, some slide film and one roll of Ilford Delta 400. … Continue reading