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Ilford Fp4+ 125 Ilford Fp4+ 125 Agfa Rodinal R09 1+50 Mamiya 645 Mamiya- Sekor C 80mm F/1.9

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Only in Holland

Only in Holland. Or should I say only in Twente? Since this is the only place where I’ve seen a sign like this. ‘Fietssnelweg’ literally means bicycle highway.But this stretch of asphalt isn’t anything special. It’s just a bicycle path … Continue reading

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No special uploads/ photos for today, just two simple photos of a mug filled with coffee. I haven’t had much time for photography lately, so the amount of stuff suitable for the web is slowly decreasing. I need to go … Continue reading

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Film, dust, grain and scratches

I collected quite a few “film, dust, grain and scratches” shots, but I never put them together. Luckily my website is perfect for putting things together and displaying those things as a whole. The subjects of this collection are really … Continue reading