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Bicycles in Enschede

Since a few months I own a Canon fd 28mm 2.8 lens, But I never had time to take it outside for a proper test run. So in early October (the leaves were still on the trees..) I decided to … Continue reading

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The goal was a clean and simple product shot on a white background. ‘a’ shot turned in quite a few on different camera’s and films. There are more product (and duvel) shots coming.. Fuji superia 200 Fuji superia 200 Nikon … Continue reading

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Sunday morning coffee

Again,a little break from Spain. I’m almost done editing the last few shots for the final ‘Spain’ post. Maybe I took a bit too much photos over there. This shot is one from the archives. Taken on the first roll … Continue reading

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Film, dust, grain and scratches

I collected quite a few “film, dust, grain and scratches” shots, but I never put them together. Luckily my website is perfect for putting things together and displaying those things as a whole. The subjects of this collection are really … Continue reading

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A good and simple breakfast will get you going for the rest of the day. It’s said to be the most important meal of the day. Here is my breakfast from a few weeks ago. Ingredients: One big bottle of … Continue reading