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London – Fuji pro 400H

This is the last roll of color film from my trip to Paris and London. By coincidence this is the same type of film as the one that I started this trip with. Both rolls were expired (may 2012) and … Continue reading

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Paris – Fuji pro 400H

Since I shot so much film during my trip to Paris/ London, it seemed best to categorize them into type of film and upload the photos in chronological order. Thus, these are the first few shots taken on the streets … Continue reading

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Berlin It has been almost 6 weeks since New Years eve, which we celebrated in Berlin. I went there well equipped, but during our short (3 day) stay I never really got to photographing the city. Except for one cold … Continue reading

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When the trees still had leaves…. Mamiya 645 Super Yep, that’s right. These photos were made with a 645 Super camera. I bought this camera because it came with a film back and a waist level viewfinder. These are two … Continue reading

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Tools of the trade

I have come to the realization that I have been neglecting my old Mamiya m645 camera for quite a while now. These photos were the last photos made with this camera. I made these the day after I bought the … Continue reading

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The last train

It doesn’t happen very often that I enter an completely empty train. Apparently the last train leaving Enschede isn’t very popular.. Fuji pro 400H Fuji pro 400H Mamiya 645 Mamiya- Sekor c 80mm F/2.8 The Fuji pro 400H is awesome … Continue reading

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Gare du Nord

Paris has a great train- and metro system. From this city you can travel to almost any destination imaginable. Gare du nord is part of the system and from here you can go to places like Amsterdam, Brussels or London. … Continue reading