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Paris – Portra 160 (35mm)

Two weeks ago I made a three-day visit to Paris. Of course I brought my camera’s (including the Mamiya 645 pro) with me. The canon Ae-1 program was mostly used as a point and shoot camera, since it is the … Continue reading

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It has been a while since my last post. The last month has been a busy one, with several exams. Unfortunately not much happened photography wise, except for a few rolls that got developed. Two films are developed in a … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago I went back to this magnificent station with a buddy. The original plan was to go to Maastricht, but since Liège is very close by, we figured we also could pay Liège a short visit. Travelling … Continue reading

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Barcelona As promised, photos from Barcelona. The photos in these post don’t really have a linking theme. I think you could better categorize them as snapshots. Nevertheless these photos are made in Barcelona, which is an awesome city. I have … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago I bought a new Canon Ae1 program. The old one had a problem; it produced very irregular lightleaks. At first it was just one out of thirty photos.. But later on it managed to ruin 1/3 … Continue reading

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Gares de paris

This is the fifth and final Paris set. The post contains photos from several train and metro stations. Whenever I think of Paris, I don’t think of the eiffel tower or the mona lisa. I don’t think about the busy … Continue reading

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Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM Lens

I have been photographing with a Canon 17-85mm lens for some time now. At first I was happy with this lens; it allowed me to discover the world of photography. But as I ‘evolved’ into the world of film photography … Continue reading

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Haringparty A few weeks ago I was asked to photograph a Haringparty at grand café De Hoek in Boskoop. The party itself was held on the 8th of June. At that time the ‘Hollandse Nieuwe’ (This is the first catch … Continue reading

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The best view in the world

The principles behind a viewfinder are simple. Especially the principles behind the m645’s viewfinder. There are no electronics involved, and yet a viewfinder has something magical. Ilford XP2 400 Ilford XP2 400 Canon Ae-1 Program Canon lens FD 50mm 1:1.4 … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago I was in Paris to celebrate the new year. It started as a fun idea and turned into an great road trip to Paris. Rotterdam- Paris is little over 4 hours by car. So we left … Continue reading

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En route

Kodak Tmax 400 I can’t rememeber when I took this and I don’t know where I was going. But this was probably created out of pure boredom. Empty trains and long journeys can create somethingg good I guess Kodak Tmax … Continue reading

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Steam part 2

The second and final part exists of digital photos I took at the SSN. Part 1 (the film part) can be found here! Some photos will make or already have made it to my flickr account. These photos can be … Continue reading