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Long exposure photography

Long exposure photography isn´t my thing. I´m no long exposure photograph. Simply because I don´t have the patience. Which is quite contradictory, since shooting film requires lots of time and patience.

But for me LE always meant ´trial and error´ with the emphasis on error. I somehow never managed to get the exposure right or hold the camera still. Part of the problem was the lack of an good exposure meter.

But since a few months I´m the proud owner of an exposure meter, so I had to give it a try. The results are certainly not topnotch. My film choice was bad, really bad. The velvia film doesn´t handle the artificial light well, especially not when the exposures are longer then x seconds.

I´m not sure if I´ll ever do this again. But maybe.. with a little practice.. I might try this again..

Fuji Velvia 100
Mamiya 645
Mamiya- Sekor C 80mm F/1.9

The previous shots where taken with artificial light hanging above the mirror. The last one was taken with artificial light coming from a streetlantern (aprox.) 10 meters from the window..