By the time I arrived in Amsterdam it was raining quite hard. So I decided not to go into Amsterdam, but travel further. The first interesting train to depart was the train bound for Schiphol.

Schiphol is always interesting for photography purposes. You don’t necessarily need to go out to shoot something. But by the time I arrived there, it has already stopped raining. So I went to the panorama deck to shoot the wet tarmac. From here you can oversee a small part of the airport.

It is always fun to see all the activity at the tarmac and wonder were everyone is going.

Fuji pro 400H

The Sekor 80mm 1.9 isn’t the ideal lens for airplane spotting.But limiting your options can be challenging and fun!

Scanning the negatives hasn’t been going as smooth as it used to go. The negatives seemed to be underexposed, but I strongly suspect it has something to do with the scanner. No matter what camera or color film used, the negatives are way to blue. I usually scan color negatives with the ‘color negative’ setting, which to me seems to be a logical choice. But if I change this to ‘black and white film’ the colors are okay.

I need to look into the settings one day..

Fuji pro 400H
Mamiya 645
Mamiya- Sekor C 80mm F/1.9

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