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Sunday morning coffee

Again,a little break from Spain. I’m almost done editing the last few shots for the final ‘Spain’ post. Maybe I took a bit too much photos over there.

This shot is one from the archives. Taken on the first roll of Superia I’ve ever bought. This was just over a year ago. I believe it to be in July or June. It started of as a small and fun project, because ‘I wanted to try out those old Nikon’s’.

After seeing the first results I knew this was going to be more than a little project. It became an addiction.. My collection of cameras, lenses and films expanded. The film collection expanded faster than I could/ can shoot them, which means that some fresh film is about to expire and already expired film is deteriorating faster than I want them too. That’s why I want to cut down the film collection. There are three ways to do it. Sell, trow away or shoot.

I don’t want to sell any of the film I collected over the year, nor trow away. So I guess the only option is to shoot more film. The only downside; shooting more film takes more time.

But first I’m going to enjoy my Sunday morning coffee!

By the way: The website passed the 2,000 views yesterday, which might not seem as much to experienced website owners. But it made me really proud! Thank you all!!