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Part 3! I never thought I would put up a third part, but both the M645 and the canon ae1 program were loaded with film, that contained shots from Liège.

Mamiya 645

After getting off the train I grabbed my Mamiya, but I did not know where to start. The camera was loaded up with Ektar 100. The film was fresh and ready to be (slightly over)exposed. But I didn’t not know where to start. I made 4 shots with it, but felt like they were merely snapshots.

This weekend that roll of Ektar was entirely exposed.  After scanning I found some reasonable shots and since my last post is already a few days old, I decided to upload them here.

So here is ‘spaceship’ trough the M465 with my 80mm 1.9 lens:

Liege guillemins













As you can see, the pilars are already getting dusty and dirty. This station isn’t so clean and white, as everyone wants you to believe!;-)

Liege guillemins


Liege Guillemins

Into the chaos!:-)

Out of three:I like the last one the best. It’s not my best work. I should have gone with another standing point. But I like the depth. It somehow scales down the immense size of that building. I find it a difficult, but interesting shot. Maybe a bit too chaotic?

Canon Ae1 program

After finishing the roll of portra 160NC I accidentally broke of my rewind lever, while rewinding the film. I took me a while to figure out how to get it (temporarily) back. When I finally screwed it back in place, my time inside of that station was almost up. With 4 minutes to go, I quickly loaded her up with expired Fuji superia 200 and made a few snapshots, before I had to start running towards the train..

Afterwards I regret my choice for the superia. I always had awesome results with this batch of film; grain, colors and contrast were always good. But I guess this film has deteriorated a bit too far.

Liege GuilleminsWe live in a small world!













This is (for now) the last I’ll show from this station. In the meantime I’m still trying to figure everything out. I already have had some awesome feedback. Some people had trouble viewing the slide show. The vertical shots required some scrolling. I tried to let the website automatically rescale them. It does work, but I can’t change the background color. If I use fixed heights for my images, the remaining space will be filled up with gray and I don’t want that. So I added a separate gallery. You can  click on the images below and slide manually between the images. I hope this will work better.

I’m still looking for a better solution, because I find this not perfect. But there are more things I need/ want to change. But time is not really on my side though. Every day has 24 hours, but at the moment I need 30hrs a day..

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