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December is the perfect month for top 10 (or 2000..) lists and compilations. As 2015 is coming to an end, it is time to look back on my personal favourite photos.

Photography wise, the first three quarter of the year were great. I took much more photos than the year before and in general I was quite happy with the results. Most images in this blog post are shot between February and August. The last quarter of the year was very busy and meant that I did not have as much time to go out with my camera as I would have liked to.

2015 brought some major changes to my camera collection, as I expanded it further with a canon eos 1 and a Mamiya RZ67.

Note: This list isn’t numbered in any way. Photos are randomly ordered by location or subject. If you’d like to know how Flickr ranked them in their ‘interestingness’ ranking, you could take a look here: The most popular photos according to Flickr.


I simply love this city. Although I only spent less than 20 hours in the city, I managed to shoot 8 entire rolls of film and take more than 300 digital photos. It was quite a productive visit. The next visit  is already planned.

parijs5Original can be found here

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This was my first time in London. I was totally unprepared and it turned out that I knew surprisingly little about London. But I had a blast and I definitely want to go back!

The entire London series can be found on my website or by clicking the following links:

Londen03Original can be found here

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On the road

Just like any other year I spent much time travelling and since I do not own a car, I’m pretty much bound to public transport. I find train stations very interesting and photogenic places. Creating symmetric compositions is not that hard, since train tracks are straight lines. But the presence of people can also create interesting compositions.

Rotterdam centraalOriginal can be found here

HilversumOriginal can be found here

Brussels4Original can be found here

treinOriginal can be found here

Zeche Zollverein

I loved this location, even though it is largely fenced off and inaccessible. Zeche Zollverein has a few very photogenic places.

the lonely photographer2

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This year I did my intern ship in Rotterdam, which meant that I had to live here for a short period of time. It is safe to say that I never had a dull moment in this city. Now that I’m back in Enschede I realise how much I miss this city..

In hindsight I should have taken much more photos while I was living there.


Original can be found here

Rotterdam4Original can be found here

RotterdamOriginal can be found here

Delfste poortOriginal can be found here

Rotterdam3Original can be found here

Rotterdam6Original can be found here

ROtterdam14Original can be found here

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Rotterdam centraal2Original can be found here

ROtterdam6Original can be found here StoomstichtingOriginal can be found here

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My trip to Brussels was impulsive and poorly planned. Walking around carrying a +10kg camera bag (mamiya camera are heavy) in 30 degree conditions was not something I’d like to do again. Luckily the few photos that I took turned out good and I must admit that I loved the city, so the trip was certainly not in vain.

Cote de beouf kopiëren2Original can be found here

BrusselskleinOriginal can be found here



doubleOriginal can be found here

New cameras

2015 was also the year of two new camera’s. First there I bought the Mamiya RZ67 set in May. I quickly fell in love with the camera and the image quality. The only downside is its weight, making it different to carry it around all time. In a few weeks I’ll visit Paris again. I’m still doubting whether or not I should take this camera.

The second camera was the Canon eos 1. Being familiar to the digital eos cameras, this camera is not much of a shocker. But I like it very much. It is much more convenient that the Ae-1 program, which has not been used since the eos 1 entered my camera collection.

wpid-wp-1431855407548.jpegOriginal can be found here

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Again, unavoidable.


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