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This was my first time in Brussels. It had been on my list for a while, but because of my busy schedule I could never really find the time or motivation to go to Brussels on my off days. But a few weeks ago I had a little gap in my agenda, so I packed up my camera bag with the RZ67.

I have not yet decided wetter taking the RZ67 and the 645 with me was a really bad choice or a really good one. The end score of the day was that I had taken +- 15 photos and that I had a terrible back pain.

But on the upside, I had a blast. The weather was beautiful, the food was good and I really liked walking through Brussels. I did not prepare myself at all, so almost every street corner was a complete surprise. I’ll go definitely back, but next time I’ll pack lighter or bring a different camera bag!

Mamiya RZ67

Buying this camera was definitely the best choice I have made so far this year. I’m slowly starting to learn this camera and I keep on discovering new things. I absolutely love it!

Kodak Portra 160VC
Mamiya RZ67
Mamiya Sekor Z 50mm 1:4.5 W

Brussels4 Brussels5

This picture was pure luck (or pure ignorance..). I remember the light meter readings being all over the place. However, it was exactly as I imagined it upfront.

Kodak Ektar 100
Mamiya RZ67
Mamiya Sekor Z 50mm 1:4.5 W

Cote de beouf kopiëren2 Brusselsklein Brussels2 Brussels3 Brussels4 Brussels5 Brussels6

Mamiya 645 pro

Compared to the RZ67 this camera is very compact and lightweight.

Kodak Portra 160NC2 (expired)
Mamiya 645 Pro
Mamiya- Sekor c 80mm F/2.8 N

Brussels kopiërenBrussels3 Brussels4


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