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Rotterdam part 2

This is the second part of the photos I made during my photowalk through Rotterdam a few weeks ago. This time all the photos are shot on Ektar. I know that Ektar can be hard film to use, especially when photographing in harsh light conditions. I expected the worst, but fortunately the RZ67’s metered prism got the exposures right in about 80% of the photos. Unfortunately, it got all the photos with artificial light wrong.. This is interesting because all my other camera’s usually reverse the order..

Anyway, here are the photos!

Kodak portra 160
Mamiya RZ67
Mamiya Sekor Z 50mm 1:4.5 W / Mamiya sekor z 180mm 1:4.5 W – N

Rotterdam2 Rotterdam3 Rotterdam Rotterdam5 Rotterdam6 Rotterdam7 Rotterdam8 ROtterdam9