Visiting and photographing this station was on my list for a long time. Ever since the first images appeared on Flickr of the finished building I wanted to go. But visiting Liège is easier said than done. Enschede- Maastricht by train takes over 4hrs. Maastricht- Liege another 30min. And I still have to go back at one point… But a few weeks ago I had time and a travel companion. So I woke up early and took the 6:30 train, were we continued the journey to Liege.

I wanted to do something else with this station. If you look up images of Liège-Guillemins in any search engine, you’ll find perfect and symmetrical images of an bright white spaceship/ structure. You’ll find clocks in minimal surroundings, you’ll find people walking trough an sci-fi hospital from a spaceship or you just see lines, minimal lines.I wanted to show something different. I wanted to show the ugly parts, I wanted to show that it was just an ordinary train station with an extraordinary roof. But somehow I could not proof it was just a structure on earth, instead of that perfect spaceship.

After arriving at the station it went wrong. I was a bit overwhelmed. The train on the last part of the journey is an old and noisy wreck. Stepping out of that wreck and seeing that immense and impressive structure for the first time is overwhelming.

Honestly, I was lost. I did not know where to look first nor where to start photographing first. I grabbed my m645, but after a few shots I decided that that wasn’t going to work. So I changed to my Canon eos 50D and my Canon Ae1 Program. The Ae1P was loaded with a half finished roll of Portra 160NC. I wanted t finish that roll on my way to Liege, so I could shoot the station on fresh portra. Somehow the ‘finish-that-old-and-expired-roll-of-film-in-Holland’ failed miserably. But after finishing the 160nc, I accidentally broke off my winder, so I could not rewind the NC film And because I did not want to ruin it, I couldn’t open the lid, couldn’t reload the ae1p with fresh portra and so the did the ‘shoot-that-station-on-fresh-portra’ part also fail.

Luckily I had my digital camera with me.My Canon eos 50D never failed me before and it did not fail me that day. Wetter you like it or not, but digital is just better than film. And because digital is better I’ll post the digital images first. The film shots will follow later on in a different part.








































































All images (in this post) are taken with my Canon eos 50D and Canon EF-S 17-85mm F4-5.6. If I succeeded in showing something else is partly up to you. But if you ask me, I have to go back and try again. Now I know where to start and maybe I can stay a little longer. Last time I didn’t have to time to see the entire station. So visiting and photographing this station is still on my list!

Stay tuned for the other part!


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