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Mamiya RZ67

Immediatly after returning from my trip to Paris/ London I started thinking about shooting other formats than solely 645. I have grown pretty accustomed to the 6 by 4,5cmformat (which I really love by the way), but I thought that it would be a great  challenge to explore the larger 6 by 7cm format. So I started digging into the Mamiya 67 camera’s. Soon I discovered that I preferred the electronic version (RZ67) over the mechanic version (RB67).

A few weeks ago I  found and bought a great set, which is in excellent condition. Apart from the RZ67 body it contained a 120 film back, a waist level finder, ae prism finder, electric winder, the sekor Z 50mm f/4.5 and the sekor Z 180mm f/4.5. So, the set is pretty much complete! The only thing that I’d like to have now is a 110mm f/2.8 lens.

Now I have learn how to use and handle this beast. Unfortunately I haven’t had much time to use it and the first roll was not entirely flawless… The camera is bulky and heavy, making it challenging to use without a tripod. But all in all I’m pretty stoked with the camera! I can’t wait to unleash this beast to its full potential!

All photos below are taken on the good old Mamiya 645!

Agfa Apx 100 (expired)
Agfa Rodinal R09 1+50
Mamiya m645
Mamiya sekor c 80mm f/1.9






  1. Congratulations Jorke, It will be nice to see you upcoming work on the RZ67. I don’t think you will be disappointed with the quality of the images, but you have noticed already it’s biggest drawback. Like you I am not a studio photographer and the RZ67 is a beast of a machine so handling it was always my most challenging issue. The one I borrowed did not have a neck strap so if your has not, get one.

    • I can’t wait either! I’ve tested the film out on the street. The test was fairly succesfull, although I think I immediatly started looking for some additional film backs. Changing backs is easier than constantly reloading film. The neck strap is present!