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Zeche Zollverein – Digital

A few weeks ago I visited Zeche Zollverein together with Bas. This old coal mining complex is an UNESCO world heritage site and is located near Essen. I wasn’t too sure about what to expect, but I really liked this industrial complex. There were some great photo opportunity and the weather was really good!

Canon eos 50D
Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM

zoll32 zoll33 zoll22 Zoll26 zoll25 zoll28 zoll16 zoll15 Zoll27 zoll29 zoll30 zoll31 zoll12 zoll14 Zoll9 zoll10 zoll5 zoll8 zoll2 zoll4 zoll3 zoll6



  1. Gotta say I have enjoyed you comparison images film vs. digital. Of course I enjoy the sharpness and precision of the digital images and seeing them alone would have been good enough, but the analogue images have multiple layers of added interest over the digital ones. All of a sudden the EOS shots feel slight cold and soulless, and a lot less engaging. Your experiment serves only to reinforce my own belief that digital photography is great (practical, commercial, flexible) but film photography is beautiful!

    • Thank you very much! I couldn’t agree more with you. Personally I think digital is too perfect; it is flat and indeed it does lack personality.