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I was in the vicinity of this great city during the first weekend of October. I was there to assist/ support a friend who competed in the Iron Man Barcelona Thriathlon, which was held in Calella. I didn’t have much time, but couldn’t resist to slip out and spend a few hours (just a few.. I believe I only had 2½hours)  in Barcelona itself.

Kodak portra 160NC

The film expired a few years ago and it starts to show. The film is deteriorating fast and the colors are shifting.

Kodak portra 160NC
Mamiya 645 Pro
Mamiya- Sekor c 80mm F/2.8 N

bcn bcn2 bcn4 bcn5 bcn7 bcn6 bcn3 bcn8




  1. Lekkere serie, de r4 is gaaf, zo ook de fietsen. Je kan goed overweg met die mamiya Jorke!

  2. great mood!

    do you take any precautions when going through the airports? i’ve never flown with film, and am wondering if i should take any steps for an upcoming trip, namely with the scanners.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Sorry for the late answer.

      No, I don’t. The modern day scanners at the airports should not be a problem for your film. I have never taken any precautions and never had any problem. However, if you’re no sure, you can buy special casings for your film. Or buy your film on location ofcourse!;)