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Testing Kodak Ektachrome 200

A new camera has to be tested thoroughly. A new batch of film has to be tested too. When I bought the Mamiya 645 pro, the seller asked me if I was interested in a bag full of expired film. I could have it for free, if I wanted too.

I didn’t have to think long. The bag contained about 15 rolls of Ilford Delta 3200, 8 rolls of Agfa Scala 200, a few rolls of color film and Agfa apx (100/400). Every roll expired somewhere in 2006 and the owner told me he stored them in a shed, thus they were exposed to temperature changes. His shed tended to get very hot in summer and very cold in winter..

Nevertheless, I was curious about the delta 3200, the apx 100 and apx 400.The ektachrome and the scala didn’t really atract me. First of all the Scala needs a special develop proces, which can’t be done in Holland. So developing the film (for me) is expensive.

And I simply didn’t know what to expect from the Ektachrome. I’m not a big film of positive film, so I had low expectations. Especially because I knew the film wasn’t kept in a fridge..

My initial plan was to sell both kinds of film. But I wanted to try/ see the Ektachrome first. Since I wasn’t really expecting much, I didn’t want to spent much time photographing/ shooting the film.

But the Ektacrhome surprised me. The film looks dark and grainy, but I really like the results! The first image already found it’s way to my Facebook page last week and it seemed to be a small success. So I decided to put up some more images from the test batch.

By the way, if anyone is interested in the Agfa Scala film, please feel free to contact me. Maybe we can work out a deal. The film is quite rare and to be honest, before the seller told me about it, I never heard of Black and white positive film.

Kodak Ektachrome 200

Some photos do have borders, some don’t. I started of scanning the entire positive, since it allows me to correct exposure (etc) a little more accurate than whit out borders. It does take longer and since I felt like the difference between the manual and automatic selecting mode was very small, I continued with the automatic mode.

The process didn’t involve much software magic. Most images were simply resized (including borders, for once I think it’s okay to have them ;)). The last two images saw a bit more color corrections.

Kodak ektacrhome 200
Mamiya 645 Po
Mamiya- Sekor c 80mm F/2.8 N



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