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As promised, photos from Barcelona. The photos in these post don’t really have a linking theme. I think you could better categorize them as snapshots.

Nevertheless these photos are made in Barcelona, which is an awesome city. I have been in the area a few times, but this only was my second visit to the city. Being at the airport, or passing trough Barcelona by train, doesn’t really qualify as visiting the city. Last year’s visit was short, but effective. I think I saw almost everything in less than 48hrs, which made things a bit hasty. This time I stayed with my mom, who was on vacation, in a little place 90 minutes from Barcelona. This allowed me to go to Barcelona whenever I wanted to.

The only downside was that I was depending on the local train service, which  (unfortunately) stops quite early in the evening.


The ease of digital has over won the unpractical film. At least it did on this trip.. Light conditions during the day are very hard. The combination of the scenery and the bright light make it easy to overexpose the sky by +2 stops and underexpose your subjects by -2 stops. And because I’m used to shooting film, I forget to check the preview screen when shooting digital.

So when you ad those things up, you get a lot of unusable photos, just because I forgot to check.

But apart from all the rookie mistakes, Barcelona proved to be the perfect playground for the 24-70mm f/2.8!

Canon eos 50D
Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM

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The portra struggled a little bit. However the film should be right on it’s expiracy date..

Kodak portra 400
Nikon F801s
Nikkor 50mm F/1.8

Barcelona Barcelona barcelona Barcelona



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  1. Ondanks de probleempjes leuke serie Jorke!