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Me, myself and my new Mamiya

Before I start of uploading images from my trip to Barcelona (august 2013), I would like to introduce you to the newest member of my camera collection: the Mamiya 645 pro.

This is my third Mamiya that I have ever bought and the second that I own at the moment. The previous versions were original 645’s. This one is basically the same, but newer. So techniques have improved; I can finally shoot at 1/1000s and I if I want to I can interchange backs/ films, without exposing them to late. The only downside to that is that I have only one 120 insert and only one film back.

This acquisition wasn’t planned, but I saw the camera on Marktplaats (dutch version of ebay) for a very reasonable price. The set is almost complete and is in mint condition! The only thing that I’m missing is a waist level viewfinder..

I’m still debating on wether this is a replacement for the old Mamiya m645 or an addition to the collection. Although the camera is basically the same, the experience of shooting it is entirely different.

Along with the camera came a big batch of film, including 15 rolls of outdated Delta 3200, Agfa Apx 100/400 and 8 rolls of Agfa Scala.. I’m not sure what I should do with the Scala though. Processing this film is quite expensive. Does anyone know if the film is worth it?

Fuji pro 400H

First test roll. By the looks of it everything works perfectly. Except for the 645 pro+ 80mm 1.9 combination. The mirror tends to get stuck, but I haven’t worked out why. The problem seems to occur very irregular..

The image is in focus. I only forgot to take of the UV-filter, which is making it impossible to read the words on the lens..;)

Fuji pro 400H
Mamiya 645 Po
Mamiya- Sekor c 80mm F/2.8 N

Mamiya 645 pro

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  1. Zo das een hele batch film zeg! Geen idee van de scala en die delta 3200 sio zal wel fijne korrel opleveren. Ben benieuwd!