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First official post

Welcome to my new website/ photo blog. I guess this is my first official post on my brand new website. It took me a while, but it’s finally here. It’s not yet finished.. There’s still a lot I need to figure out and change, but the basis is here.

Why this new website?

Why invest a lot of time and money into this website? First of all I wanted to do something new and challenging. Creating my own website was on my wish list for a long time now.

But I was also looking for a new way to showcase my photography. I’ve been a Flickr user for a few years now and I find it really hard to showcase a set of photos. You can only show one photo at the time.So if you want to tell a story with multiple photos, your ‘story’ is scattered over several pages. That’s especially hard when you’re trying to tell a story with as least words as possible.

I want to use this website as a photo blog, where I can tell something about my steps into the world of photography and as a place to showcase my photos.

The website is not yet finished. I need to fill up this website. But if you spot something that’s wrong, isn’t wrong or needs to be changed (for example a language mistake) please contact me. Simply by sending me a mail (info@jorkew.com) or sending a message on the facebook page (also brand new).

I hope you’ll enjoy.




  1. Ilya alias de Fotomaker

    Congrats man! Respect. Ziet er gaaf uit.

  2. Peter

    My steps into……klinkt bekend 😉 Toffes ite Jorke!

  3. I enjoy it a lot, good job!